THE GOAL: My vision for this website is to aid in getting successful soil health building practices on the ground, to help improve on those that are already implemented, and to be an advocate to help expand the concepts of soil health and sustainable/regenerative agriculture globally. 

NOT SO MUCH A GOAL:  To inform or educate people about what soil health is. WHY? – There are already many excellent web sites that already do an excellent job in this respect and I’ve provided a “Resources/Links” page specifically for this (see tabs above).

Blog/Articles – The “blog” is not necessarily a blog by me. I’m not the “expert” as there are many others who have much more to offer than I,  the focus being actual farmers and ranchers. The main intent is to be a depository reserved for articles, videos, and any other media links regarding on-going and completed soil health applications and studies in their respective categories. This is the technology transfer portion of the site.  Hopefully some “home grown” studies from guest authors will eventually be hosted here as well.  Your participation is welcome in the comments section of most posts.

Resources/Links – The intention of this page is to provide links to several other  sites that already define the concepts of soil health. No sense re-inventing the wheel. It is not exhaustive by any means but the sites listed are, in my opinion, some of the top sites that will get you answers to your questions quickly. In the future this page may also hold links to people or organizations that have something to offer (for sale or free) in the realm of soil health.

Tools – “Tools” for all to use in their efforts to build soil health. They may be electronic/online or links to where to get actual equipment or physical resources. While the focus is on technical tools. Again, I’m open to suggestions!

Forums – The Forums have been discontinued until more interest is expressed.