Planning to Plant Into CRP In 2013? Consider Sunflowers!

The following article points out some interesting benefits of planting to sunflowers in former CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) land in the U.S. It’s on page 12 of the digital version.

Pay special attention to the part covering tillage. If your CRP ground was lacking legumes your N might need a boost too to get things kicked off. It’s also interesting to note that even after 20 years the old plow pan was still there – The sunflowers can help with that. I wonder what it would look like if sunflowers, legumes, & radish (or something along those lines) were planted into that ground before… just thinkin’ “out loud”.

Happy 2013 to you and may you be blessed!

Click the  photo to go to Sunflower Magazine.

Sunflower Magazine - CRP

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