Gail Fuller, Emporia Kansas, Soil Health and Cover Crops

This short video succinctly says it all. Listen to this man! This is what it’s all about and the attitude necessary to go down this road to sustainability, healthy soils, healthy crops, healthy people, AND a healthy bottom line.


Also a “must read” in Corn & Soybean Digest about Gail Fuller and his progress building soils and better crops on his farm:

“I truly believe that I can grow a higher nutritional value grain with little or no inputs, protecting the environment and selling a higher-quality product in the end. …While some seed suppliers are starting to carry cover and companion crop mixes, everyone is still learning, including NRCS.”   – Gail Fuller

“Embracing new practices can be daunting without guarantee of economic gain. While the results haven’t occurred overnight, Gail Fuller, Emporia, Kan., is beginning to see the potential for more profit by significantly cutting inputs.

“The payoff is lower inputs and protecting the most valuable resource we have – soil,” he says. That attention to soil health has helped him maintain steady yields and experience some increases. His profit per acre is also steady to slightly up.” from C & S Digest

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