New Research Underscores Importance of Soil Biology.

Recent research from Europe has revealed the true nature of soil organic matter (SOM). The prevailing thought was that most of it was comprised of decomposed plant material. This study shows clearly that it is actually bacterial and fungal remains that make up  most SOM. The implications are that building SOM and sequestering carbon are absolutely dependant on the “living” fraction of the soil. Essentially, biology is everything when it comes to regenerating and sustaining healthy soil. Soil is indeed “living”.

Click on the photo to get to the original article. The original research published in the journal “Biogeochemistry”.

The electron micrograph shows bacteria (Hyphomicrobium sp;. Yellow) growing up partly on solid surfaces, floors and sediment grains. During growth whatsoever cells die and deformed or fragmenting cell envelopes remain. Small-scale fragments of these shells (red) then set the microparticulate matrix in soils and sediments. (Credit: Burkhard Schmidt-Brücken, Institute of Material science/TU Dresden; Colored by Christian Schurig/ UFZ)




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