Wow, been kinda busy, the other 2 days…

Finally getting a little breather after a couple o weeks of meetings!  (Soil health and soil survey…not too bad as far as meetings go.)

Here’s the scoop on the last couple of days of the Soil Health Conference in Montrose, CO.

Some more important concepts presented by Ray Archuleta:

– Managing soil health takes a lot of brain work and closely monitored management. Although it may be less work physically, it’s more work mentally. Don’t just wing it.

– Be careful who you buy your cover crop seed from. There some junk out there. It’s also critical to get your legumes inoculated.

– Regarding all the different views on how to manage our resources, most of us really want the same thing.

– 3 of the most important concepts to understand regarding soil health and sustainability: 1) Understand your context – ecology, everything is connected, ask yourself how 2) Protect your soil habitat – limit physical, chemical, and biological disturbance 3) Provide diverse sources of food (carbon) for your “underground herd” (diverse cover crops making lots of roots and above ground additions).

I’ve already provided a link to the presentations of most of the speakers at the meeting, including Ray’s, in the events forum but I’ll make another here.

I do want to keep the blog focused mainly on articles & research but I thought this was a good subject to bring attention to. I hope it’s helpful to someone.


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