Quivira Coalition Presentations, Gabe Brown, Dr. Jill Clapperton & others.

Just got word that a few presentations had been posted on youtube from the conference in November. The embedded videos feature outstanding speakers, Gabe Brown and Dr. Jill Clapperton. I would encourage you to also give a listen to Collin Seis and several more on Quiviras youtube channel from past years. I don’t believe Allan Savorys or Jim Howells are up yet.

An interesting concept that I glean from both of these speakers and also from others there as well: We are certainly capable feeding nine billion people if our lands (soils) are healthy. After we heal the land our problem is not one of production capability, unfortunately it’s much more complicated in politics of subsidy and distribution systems. Getting the food to the people in a timely manner will be our major problem to focus on after rebuilding our soil. Dr. Fred Provenza said at this conference too that we ought to teach people to grow food themselves and I think he’s right. This may be a tough route, specifically in urban areas. But if enough people start turning their lawns into garden’s and preserving … who knows. Sure we all like our bananas and oranges. There will always be a market for “exotics”.  But we’re talking about basics.

Anyway, on to the videos:

Dr. Jill Clapperton

Mr. Gabe Brown

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