The Soil Carbon Coalition and Challenge

Peter Donovan asked me a while back to make a pitch specifically for his “Soil Carbon Challenge” and I’m finally getting around to it. Sorry Peter, it’s been a crazy summer.


I’m including this link directly to his challenge page on his website “Soil Carbon Coalition” so you can get the details from there.

My take on Peter’s endeavor: This is a great approach (a challenge with a prize) to getting soil health practices on the ground – right now. No waiting and cussing and discussing. He is traveling around the country during summers and performing baseline and ongoing analysis of soil carbon trends correlated to specific farming/ranching practices. The goal is obviously to get as much carbon in your soil as possible. He uses a Carbon/Nitrogen combustion analyzer (very accurate machine, I’ve used one).

While Peter’s focus is on putting carbon into the soil is based on climate change my personal focus is not. Mine is simply improving soil health, soil resiliency, and crop/plant health. This diffference essentially makes no difference – we’re striving toward the same goal: Carbon in the soil. 

There is a charge to get the study going on your plot but you can look at his site or contact him for those details and whatever else he might be considering or analyzing in the process. I’m sure the study area does not have to be large either. Experiment, get crazy, do more than one experiment! 😉

Anyway, this is a really interesting approach and I wish him much success with it so I’m helping get the word out. If you want a way to monitor your progress toward healthy soil and healthy crops & range, this sounds like one great way to do it. Have the lab come to you! And hey, you may win something.

Give Peter’s site a look and consider what he’s offering.

Labor day is around the corner, where did the summer go? I hope yours was great.

Thanks for reading!

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