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There have been several videos or video series that have caught my eye over the past few months and I’m going to put them all in one post now. I’ve only viewed about half of these to date and many are real gems of regenerative ag/soil health knowledge & philosophy.

First on the list is a blog/vlog made by University of South Carolina’s Dr. Robin (Buz) Kloot. He has recently been travelling the U.S. interviewing producers & researchers and posting videos on his site Below is a short one with Dr. Rick Haney, ARS in Texas. Buz also has a youtube channel with more video: Soil Trek 2013


Next up is NRCS’s Profiles in Soil Health. Really well produced short videos featuring producers who have succesfully implemented various soil health building practices (tools) in many different settings & scenarios. Below is a sampler featuring Darryl Crowley of Montana.


Next up are a few videos featuring Dr. Elaine Ingham. I’ve taken an intensive “Soil Food Web” course with Elaine and it was outstanding. I’m a firm believer in her take on the roll of soil biology in soil health. I’ve posted a couple other videos of hers here already and wanted to throw this link in this entry. It seems to be a decent FREE crash course on the same material in her intensive classes. I’m sure Soil Learning Centre may be sending advertising of some sort to your email but that’s a really small price to pay. Here’s the link to “Getting to Know Your Soil” sign up. The trailer/advertisement is below.

A great summary of the Soil Food Web:

If you’re into microscopy Elaine also has some excellent video tutorials on Youtube (The series is listed to the right):


To finish up the video blitz – The “Summer of Soil” in Europe was an interesting event held last summer that I’m still reading about and watching the interviews listed on the linked page. I’m not on the bandwagon of “Well, they’re doing it in Europe” by any means but the videos offer some great global perspective regarding soil health. Of course there is a lot of focus on policy, which, being a scientist, makes my eyes glaze over. But still some interesting stuff. Here’s a sampler:

That should keep ya busy for a while! 😉 Happy viewing!

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