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Thoughts From The Quivira Conference

Departing a bit from the norm of linking to articles and such – I’m wanting to share a few concepts I picked up while at¬†the Quivira Coalition’s annual conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico last week. It was an excellent conference … Continue reading

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2007 ARS Study: Organic Better at Building Soil OM than “Conventional” No-Till?

This 2007 ARS report compares organic production to “conventional” no-till. I didn’t think no-till was conventional but I gather what they mean is using no cover crops and using ample amounts of herbicide and pesticide in the no-till system. They … Continue reading

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Washington State Article in Scientific American – Transitioning from conventional to no-till.

No-Till: The Quiet Revolution Really interesting article (2008) describing the benefits and the difficulties in making the transition. Weeds are obviously¬†one of the major problems. As more trials and experiments are performed and evaluated with cover crops in your particular … Continue reading

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