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 An excellent overall book about most aspects of building healthy soils and healthy crops. Free .pdf file from the SARE website or $20 for a hard copy from Amazon.





Zero Tillage “Manual” from Manitoba/North Dakota:  Lots of excellent and up-to-date information in this collection of articles focusing on no-till practices and soil health.

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Conservation Practices/Tillage on Furrow Irrigation:


Alternative Soil Testing:

  • Earthfort – direct counting of existing microorganisms (truly alternative – focuses on biology, not chemistry)
  • Ward Labs  provides a “PLFA” test which also focuses on soil biology by an indirect method measuring enzymes associated with specific groups of microorganisms.  It can tell you a lot and is much more friendly to your wallet.
  • Labs that test compost and offer other tests for producers focusing on sustainability: AgriEnergy Resources, Wallace Laboratories, Midwest Bio-Systems
  • “Solvita” from Woods End Laboratories. A quick and easy field method for estimating biological activity, biomass, mineralizable N & P. The “basic” test is very simple to use but it is still quite sensitive to field conditions (ambient soil moisture) and can be difficult to get consistency between subsequent readings. The “Haney-Brinton” version (or “Burst Test”) takes moisture state out of the equation but is significantly more expensive.
  • Several labs across the US (including Ward Labs above) now offer the “Haney Soil Health Test” which is essentially an index (Soil Health Calculation at Ward) based on several nutrient extracts (water and weak organic acids) combined with the Solvita Burst Test.



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  •  – Anything to do with soil maps (specifically NRCS, NCSS maps) and online GIS & mapping software. Thematic maps too.


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