Winter Grazing – Stockpiling Pasture Instead of Hay

Another well produced video by NRCS East National Technology Center- Winter Grazing – A Better Way.

If you have winter pasture available this could be a viable option after you tailor the concepts to your management style, herd size, soils, and climate. It’s natural to be skeptical that this will work “anywhere” when this video only deals with North Carolina BUT, give it some thought if you haven’t already. Even if you can’t get through the whole winter, even part of it may be profitable. I know I’d rather just leave the hay (and resulting fertilizer) in the field vs. bailing, storing, and then feeding through winter (and uneven nutrient/manure “application”). That scenario right there would make me want to do just about anything to make it work for me. Yeah, I’m a wimp when it comes to working in icy mud.

 By the way, I wouldn’t recommend running your ATV through the gate as shown here. At least get on the step.

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