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Ok, since the FAO (the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization) has declared Dec 5th World Soil Day, I thought I’d better get back to posting some blog content. Yes, that’s a bit tongue-in-cheek as I’m not exactly a fan of the UN or FAO but I try to focus on the “good” where ever it may be. Any recognition of soils as the foundation for our health and well being will be promoted here.

Given that, and after a perusing of the EUs “Global Soil Week” website (from last summer), much of what I see at these events is a lot of political/policy rhetoric and high end handwaving. Which isn’t all that bad, these things need to be discussed. But it does get tiresome and leaves me wanting to see or read something showing some real progress on the ground.

So, the next couple entries I make will be regarding documentation of real live soil conservation to get your mind thinking and whet your appettite for more technical and practical application.

And I would like to remind readers that has pages on both Facebook and Google+. Currently I’m fairly active sharing information on FB but I still haven’t quite figured out Google+. However, FB doesn’t let all the “likers” or followers, (whatever), see all of the items I share. Of course for a price they will let me “extend my reach”. That’s BS. So I’m going to make more of an effort to use & share information in Google+. If you have Facebook or Google+ accounts please search for the page and “Like” or “Add to circles”.


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