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Soil Health (Soil Quality) is “the capacity of a specific kind of soil to function, within natural or managed ecosystem boundaries, to sustain plant and animal productivity, maintain or enhance water and air quality, and support human health and habitation” (Karlen et al., 1997). Soil Science Society of America’s Ad Hoc Committee on Soil Quality

The following videos are a quick glimpse in to the philosophy and intention of Soilhealth.net;  There are many rabbit trails from these videos… please follow them.


Be sure to check out the series from the following trailer. (Links to each video in the series are shown in the sidebar.)


Universal Principles of Soil Health, Ray Archuleta:


Rockey Farms, Center, Colorado, National Potato Council Environmental Stewardship Award:


What’s a set of soil health videos without Gabe?! Here’s a long one but good stuff from Gabe Brown: